Amir Mostafavi is the founder of South Block & local pioneer in bringing cold-pressed juice, smoothies & acai bowls to the DC area. Amir is passionate about fresh and healthy ingredients and formed Fruitful planet to bring fresh fruit and vegetables to underserved communities. 


Brett Eaton

Brett Eaton is the owner and founder of the inspirational brand, “Motivated By Brett.”

As a Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Boxing Instructor, Brett’s mission is to get you to a happier and healthier lifestyle by spreading his positive message and knowledge on wellness, peak performance, mindset, and daily habits


Robert Joseph Asmar is “Chef Roro”.  Chef Roro is a professional plant-based chef in the DC area. Outside of his professional career Roro also influences positivity & fitness while advocating for mental health



Emily Battaglia is passionate about making an impact on others and authenticity. Whether being part of a motivational team or inspiring others in her daily pursue of helping others, she is a perfect fit for Fruitful Planet.


Lindsey Parry is a serial social entrepreneur that loves empowering others. Lindsey created and ran an educational non-profit, working with indigenous women, children and orphans in Central America, and currently runs a Creative Community Marketing and Events company and Life-Style brand. 





  1. (of a tree, plant, or land) producing much fruit; fertile.

  2. producing good or helpful results; productive.

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